Suspension Out Now

Welcome. I help people connect, activate, and expand into their authentic selves.


My music is created with the intention of soothing the nervous system, balancing energy, and supporting expansion of the self.  Download my music by clicking onto the music page  or stream on Spotify, Pandora, and a variety of other music streaming sites.    I also work with clients virtually and in person (once we are all covid friendly) as a life coach and healer.   I am particularly suited to working with people who experience anxiety, addiction, depression, and are navigating trauma.  I use a variety of modalities and cater each session to the client.

"Claire, your performance was in the key of divinity. Truly stunning how you are able to convey energy so well."  ~ Anthony Gucciardi


"This artist has a profound soul and a universal passion that allows her to compose these magnificent melodies"  ~ Edgar Allen Poets - Noir Rock Band


"Created with the “intention of awakening the body”, there’s something extremely calming and serene about the latest musical delivery from Claire Bigley. It’s a new fully instrumental track titled “Emodiment” that grounds the listener, urges them to focus within, and ultimately gives an appreciation for a slightly minimalistic style in song composition. We’ve sincerely enjoyed our multiple listens and cannot wait for everyone out there to dig right in." ~We Write About Music/music blog

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