I spent years working as a musician and teacher.  Classically trained, I worked as an accompanist, performer, and musical director.  The past 5 years brought many changes into my life and I began to train and work as a healer.   Though I still work as an accompanist, I am now drawn toward allowing myself to channel emotions, energy, and experiences  into music as a healer.    Music is an intrinsic component of my soul and therefore lives in all I do. 

I use other modalities as well as music to work with clients.  I trained with Holistic Health Practice founder, Kurt Hill, in a three year intensive training program.  I am also able to incorporate tapping, active listening, altered state work, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hands on energy healing into a client session.

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I met Claire when she was my musical director for a theatre conservatory in which I was the Artist Director. My impression of Claire was that she was mild mannered, sweeter than sweet, and played the piano with every ounce of the soul that lives inside of her. I did not set out to "work" with Claire in the way of Soul Work. We were to be collaborators in each musical we were creating together. What surprised me most was that although I did not seek Claire out as a Soul Guide, her very essence as a spiritual being, having a human experience, affected me greatly. I found myself softening and more loving. She was the living example of kindness and open-heartedness. She treated each person with nothing short of pure love. She was teaching me and I didn't even know it. In my experience, I didn't set out with an intention. I just know that by being around Claire, talking with Claire, listening to her music and chimes; I go to a higher place where I am able to access what I experience as my truth. I feel she brings out authenticity. In conversation there is never a judgement and I am able to speak freely about my shadow and even find humor in it. I always feel lighter after talking with Claire. Like I have laid down my load. Like the tiny weights that keep my energy/soul down release so that clarity can emerge. This allows me to go through life with a motor that has just had the most magnificent tune up and oil change and all my tires were rotated for a much smoother ride.” - Janet Louer - Louer Talent Consultants
Claire is an amazing and gifted healer. I worked with her on my fears and anxieties that were plaguing me at that time. Claire’s openness and vulnerability meet you at the front door. What Claire offers is so much different than most healers. Her gift of music is off the charts. She’s able to see the issues that are blocking you and knows just the right musical chords to resonate with those blocks. It’s almost as though the music is leaving Claire and entering into your body to work through those blocks. The recordings are so amazing I listen to them often and each time it hits different blocks. No one listening is the same. It’s an honor and a blessing to work with Claire.” - -Remy OBrien, actor and healer at www.athletesessentials.com
Claire has a way of drawing you in like a magnet. She is open, caring, and knowledgable with a special gift for sound healing that I wanted to experience. Claire listened attentively to my issues that I wanted to address. She is very insightful and was able to make connections and offer suggestions. She tuned into my energy field and was able to customize a musical/sound healing session that resonated with me, leaving me feeling lighter and more at peace. She was able to hold me, my pain, and simultaneously orchestrate the healing that was spot on. ” - Ann B.